Star Wars #1 Variant Ratio

joeQ movie Party ross Young connecting


Star Wars #1 Movie Variant 1:15.

Star Wars #1 Sara Pichelli Variant 1:20.

Star Wars #1 John Cassaday Teaser Variant 1:25.

Star Wars #1 Bob McLeod Variant 1:25.

Star Wars #1 J Scott Campbell Connecting Variant 1:50.

Star Wars #1 Alex Ross Variant 1:50.

Star Wars #1 Joe Quesada Variant 1:100.

Star Wars #1 Alex Ross Sketch Variant 1:200.

Star Wars #1 Joe Quesada Sketch Variant 1:500.

stores must order 200% of their total sales of Original Sin #8 for the standard covers , qualifying stores will be able to order as many copies of the Star Wars #1 Christopher Party Variant cover as they wish and will receive one free copy of the Christopher Party Sketch Variant

ada juga Skottie Young , Blank dan Action Figure Variant


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