Where in the World is Ardian Syaf ?

Terakhir karya Mas Aan ada di Superman Unchained 5 di variant covernya yang sangat keren itu , setelah itu seakan menghilang dari dunia DC

Hari ini terjawab sudah , disalah satu berita dari Bleedingcool.com tentang Teen Titans : Earth One terjawab kalau mas Aan sedang membuat OGN juga yang juga termasuk kedalam lini Earth One


Yup , bersama dengan J. Michael Straczynski mas Aan sedang melanjutkan Saga OGN Superman : Earth One , Book Three 🙂

sumber :


Dan ini Jawaban Dan DiDio mengenai mas Aan

Let’s talk about a couple of the other Earth One books that are in production — for “Superman: Earth One” Vol. 3 the art is going to be by Ardian Syaf in place of Shane Davis, who illustrated the first two. What prompted that switch, and what made Syaf the right choice for the book?

I love Ardian Syaf’s work. He did a wonderful job for us when we launched the New 52 line. Unfortunately, Shane had gone on to other projects, and was under contract to another company when we started this book up. We didn’t want to hold up the series, and Ardian seemed the best choice. We had a chance to show his work to JMS, and JMS loved what he saw. It was a nice, easy fit. Ardian’s done a beautiful job, and the pages look spectacular. I’m really happy. Shane set a really high bar with this series — wonderful to see somebody else taking it and running with it.

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