STGCC this weekend !

Stgcc 2012 vertical logo hi res1

come to STGCC this weekend , come and get your comic signed by Joe Madureira

Joemadureira artwork 03

come to my friend booth , got some really nice sketchbooks

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644289 556111597769684 2146630972 n

1176164 556575801056597 1187755356 n

come and get Pak Toni Artbook , Artworxs

1175312 10201876768910912 11467076 n

come meet aza

969228 10151741258193416 247804755 n

just be a geek ,Fanboy , Comic Lover , Pannapictagraph and enjoy the STGCC , this is our event ! , just ENJOY


i want these so bad 🙂

Exclusives buildaminion

Exclusives minionmonopoly

Exclusives onepiece


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