Dial H ( for Hero )

Sebuah serial lama yang dibangkitkan lagi oleh DC Comics di New 52 wave 2 , sebuah serial yang menurut saya sangat menarik dari sisi penceritaan dan juga dari sisi artnya

Menceritakan seorang bernama Nelson Dent yang ingin menolong temannya yang dihajar oleh para penjahat , lupa membawa handphone dia lari  ke sebuah box telefon umum kuno , disana tanpa sadar dia memutar ( telponnya kuno bro 🙂 ) sembarangan nomor yang menyebabkan Nelson menghilang dan dia menjadi seorang hero bernama Boy chimney , dan akhirnya dia berhasil menolong temannya , lalu ketika dia menyerang seorang pengedar narkoba dia , lagi lagi , menekan sembarang nomor , dan menjadi Captain Lachrymose , lalu dia sempat menjadi the Double Bluff, Hole Punch, and Rancid Ninja bahkan menjadi seorang superhero yang bernama Control+Alt+Delete , tapi semua itu tidak selalu berjalan mulus , bahkan ada seorang lagi yang mempunyai dial untuk berubah menjadi superhero , atau super villain ?

Sebenarnya serial ini adalah serial lama yang dibangkitkan lagi oleh DC , pertamanya adalah tahun 1966 , terus tahun 80an , 2003 dan terakhir di 2012 ini , dilihat dari pejualannya , comic ini mendapat sambutan yang bagus lho dari pembaca di USA sana


Nah ini aku copas dari wikipedia , para pemegang dial dan hero hero yang pernah muncul

Robby Reed

  • Giantboy – A giant hero with super-strength. Fatally poisoned in his 2nd appearance.
  • Cometeer – A superhero that is a “Human Comet.”
  • Mole – A superhero that could dig underground at super speeds.
  • Human Bullet – A superhero with flight and super endurance
  • Super Charge – A superhero of living energy.
  • Radar-Sonar Man – A superhero that can fly and emit a radar and sonar to guide himself as he was blind.
  • Quake-Master – A superhero that releases energy that cause objects to “shake”
  • Squid – A superhero that has a helmet that release liquids. He can also fly, via a special sled.
  • Human Starfish – A humanoid starfish with superhuman strength.
  • Hypno Man – A superhero that had mind control ability.
  • Mighty Moppet -A baby-like hero with squirt bottles that turn their targets into babies or back into adults.
  • King Kandy – A superhero that has candy-themed weapons.
  • Plastic Man – Robby Reed became Plastic Man and had his stretching abilities.
  • Magneto – A superhero that has magnetic manipulation.
  • Hornet Man – A superhero that could fly and had a paralyzing stinger on one finger.
  • Shadow Man – A superhero that is a living shadow.
  • Mr. Echo – A superhero that could absorb and deflect forces. Looks like a man-shaped sponge.
  • Future-Man – A superhero that has illusion casting abilities and telekinesis.
  • Castor and Pollux – Twin superheros that have flight and super strength. Pollux was immortal.
  • King Coil – A superhero that is made out of iron coils. Resembles the “Slinky” toy.
  • Zip Tide – A superhero that is a living ocean wave.
  • Super Nova – A superhero with the abilities of flight, super speed and atomic power.
  • Robby the Super Robot – A superhero that has flight, limited molecular control, and super strength.
  • Whozit, Whatsit, and Howsit – Freak super heroes. The dial was temporarily addled by a solar disturbance.
    • Whozit – A superhero that bounces. Body shaped like a rubber ball.
    • Whatsit – A superhero that flies. Body was a glider.
    • Howzis – A roughly humanoid robot that is a living pinball machine with various super powers, activated by pulling and releasing the appropriate plunger.
  • Yankee Doodle Kid – A superhero that can fly and could create “fireworks.”
  • Chief Mighty Arrow – A superhero that uses Native American-themed weapons and has a flying horse, “Wingy.”
  • Balloon Boy – A rotund superhero with the power of flight.
  • Muscle Man – A superhero that can emit energy blasts.
  • Hoopster – A superhero who tosses hoops with special powers.
  • Mole-Cometeer – A hybrid of Mole and Cometeer.
  • Velocity Kid – A siren device on his chest propelled him through the air at the speed of sound.
  • Astro, Man of Space – A superhero with a teleportation ability and other mental powers.
  • Baron Buzz-Saw – A superhero who wore buzz-saws on his wrists and belt. He can also fly.
  • Don Juan – A superhero with a magic sword. Sword was stolen by groupies.
  • Sphinx Man – Has a stone body, and wings that allowed him to fly. He could ask a person the “Riddle of the Sphinx,” and the victim would vanish into limbo if he didn’t answer correctly.
  • King Viking – A sword-wielding superhero that can fly.
  • Robby Go-Go – A super-fast, disco-dancing martial artist.
  • Whirl-I-Gig -non-humanoid being with spinning blades for limbs.
  • Pendulum – A superhero that is a human pendulum.
  • Human Solar Mirror – A superhero that can focus sunlight into a heat beam.
  • Gillman (hero, then villain) – He breathes under water and swims super fast.
  • Human Icicle (hero, then villain) – A superhero that can generate cold.
  • Strata Man (hero, then villain) – A hero composed of several layers of rock-like substance, each with different properties.
  • “Tommy Tomorrow” – A duplicate of the DC Comics space hero of the early 1960s.
  • Twilight – 
  • Pyronic Man – 
  • “Giant” – 
  • “Quadruplets” – 
  • Circumference -weird super-hero with a spherical head and fingerless spheres for hands.
  • Wizard – Robby Reed’s hero half.Created the dials used in the 80’s series, hid them in an abandoned house and had the house guarded by spooks until the right people came to move in.
  • Master – Robby Reed’s villain half. He was responsible for creating most of the villains that Chris King and Vicki Grant fight.
  • Great Jupiter – A heroic identity assumed by Robby Reed’s Master form using Chris King’s H-Dial. He has powers related to the planet of the same name.

Suzy Shoemaker

  • Gem Girl – Robby’s girlfriend dialed H-E-R-O-I-N-E on two separate occasions. The first time, she became a superheroine who word an assortment of jewels that each released a different power when touched.
  • Supergirl – The second time Suzy used the dial, she became a duplicate of Superman’s cousin (This was shown in a flashback that allegedly took place before Supergirl first arrived on Earth).

Chris King

  • Moth – A superhero with flight ability.
  • Mega Boy – A superhero that could shoot powerful beams from his hands.
  • Color Commando – A superhero who used a variety of color-based weapons with different effects.
  • Doomster: Master of the Cosmic Lightning – A superhero that could shoot and ride lightning bolts.
  • Composite Man – A superhero who could create miniature duplicates of himself.
  • Captain Electron – A superhero that could shoot destructive electron-blasts from his hands.
  • Mister Mystical: Master of Magic – A superhero who possessed magical abilities.
  • Star Flare – Described by Chris as “the Human Missile” and “the greatest hero since Superman.” This identity allowed Chris to fly and wield a star sword.
  • Solar Flare – A superhero with the ability to fly and a power punch (although Chris was only shown using the latter).
  • Wrangler – A “cosmic cowboy” that Chris became to battle Battering Ram.
  • Goldman – A flying superhero who created “gold” constructs. Partner of Goldgirl.
  • Sixth Sensor – A mind-reading superhero.
  • Volcano – A superhero with power over the earth, specifically lava.
  • Mister Thin – A two-dimensional creature that could stretch like a rubber band. Four legs and a freakish face.
  • Anti-Man – A flying superhero with anti-matter blasts.
  • Dragonfly – A winged superhero with multi-directional sight.
  • Teleman – A teleporting superhero.
  • Zeep The Living Sponge – He was created by future comic-book artist Stephen DeStefano, Zeep later appeared in DeStefano and Bob Rozakis‘s Hero Hotline series. He had the power to bounce.
  • Lightmaster – A superhero. No other details given. This character and the next in this list were dismissed in but one panel.
  • Molecule Man – A superhero. No other details given.
  • Music Master – A superhero with a radio that turned sound into energy he could manipulate.
  • Gladiator – A superhero with a sorcery-spawned power sword. This character could not fly.
  • White – A superhero who emitted a beam of white energy that was harmless until it crossed a similar beam from his partner, Black.
  • Waspman – A flying superhero who fired “wasp stingers”.
  • Vibro the Quakemaster – A superhero with vibration power.
  • Steadfast – A superhero with the power to immobilize anything moving.
  • Gravity Boy – A superhero that controlled gravity.
  • Blast Boy – A superhero with an explosive punch.
  • Electrostatic – A superhero that is the master of all electromagnetic waves.
  • Lumino – A superhero that is able to create solid light shapes.
  • Enlarger Man – A superhero that is able to enlarge things.
  • Brimstone – A superhero that can fly and control lava.
  • Avatar – Master of the four elements. He rode Sahri the Spirit Tiger.
  • Wind Rider – A superhero that is able to fly and control air.
  • Psi-Fire – A superhero that could solidify or become intangible with his mental powers.
  • Oxide – A superhero that could cause metal to rust.
  • Ragnarok the Cosmic Viking – A mystical superhero with enhanced strength and a magical battle axe. Notable in that Ragnarok’s self-identity completely suppressed Chris’ own personality, including his knowledge that Vicki (as Pixie) was an ally.
  • Captain Saturn – A superhero who could control giant flying rings that could bind enemies.
  • Moonlight – A superhero with the power to project either bright light or darkness.
  • Mental Man – A superhero with goggles that allowed him to project realistic illusions.
  • Neon – An energy-blasting superhero.
  • Phase Master –
  • Multi-Force – A hero who could create a duplicate of any object.
  • Gemstone – A hero with a super-hard crystalline body.
  • Hasty Pudding -A superhero who could not move normally. He either stood rock still or ran like the Flash.
  • Radar Man – A superhero that is able to locate things and teleport to their location.
  • Stuntmaster – A superhero that rode a high-tech motorcycle and had a energy-firing scepter.
  • Shadow Master – A superhero that is able to create shadows.
  • Centaurus: Master of Vibration – A superhero with the ability to absorb vibration and use it as an energy blast.
  • Deflecto – A superhero that could create projective force-fields that would deflect anything thrown at him.
  • Worm Man – Half human, half giant worm. He could eat/dig his way through earth at super-speed.
  • Spectro – A superhero whose powers were never shown. This and the next 3 are another instance where characters that somebody took the trouble to create was dismissed in but one panel. These were on a world where time works differently.
  • Airmaster – A superhero whose powers were never shown.
  • Sting – A superhero whose powers were never shown.
  • Attacko – A superhero whose powers were never shown.
  • Galaxy – A superhero that is able to teleport himself and others travel across space and back to Earth. This hero managed to escape the strange time-altered world.
  • Topsy-Turvy – A superhero that causes others to feel extremely disoriented.
  • Beast-Maniac – Chris King jokingly dialed “H-O-R-R-O-R” and became an evil creature that was super-strong and could fly with arm-wings. It took Superman to stop & restrain him and then try to analyze the dials. (He found no internal mechanisms whatsoever).
  • Prism – A superhero that could absorb energy and then return it magnified one hundred-fold.
  • Essence – A superhero that could suck the lifeforce from his enemies with his scepter.
  • Red Devil –
  • Tar-Man –
  • Mr. Opposite – A superhero that is able to make anything act in the opposite way to what it naturally does. Vicki dialed Chris into this identity and Chris wondered if the fact that Vicki was the ‘opposite sex’ may have influenced the transformation.
  • Power Punch –
  • Cold Wave –
  • Earthman – He was able to manipulate the Earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields.
  • Any-Body – He could duplicate the appearance of any other person.
  • Jimmy Gymnastic – A super-athlete.
  • Trail Blazer – A superhero able to fly and track villains, causing their trails to be outlined in flame.
  • Roll – A speedster superhero.
  • Kinetic Kid –
  • Glassman –
  • X-Rayder –
  • Spheror –
  • Fuzz-Ball -A fuzzy head with feet but no body or arms. Partner of “Raggedy Doll”
  • Trouble-Clef: Master of Magical Music –
  • Serrator –
  • Synapse the Energy Man –
  • Martian Marshall – A Western version of the Martian Manhunter.
  • Rubberneck – A strechable superhero.

Vicki Grant

  • Futura – A superheroine with flight, precognition, possibly other psionic powers.
  • Sunspot – A superheroine with solar-energy powers.
  • Ice – A superheroine with cold-based powers & flight.
  • Grasshopper – A superheroine with super-leaping & agility.
  • Twilight: Mistress of the Dark – A superheroine with shadow powers.
  • Windsong – A superheroine with the ability to control winds.
  • Molecule Maiden – A superheroine with the ability to control molecules.
  • Hypno Girl – A superheroine with hypnotic abilities. This identity couldn’t fly, much to Vicki’s annoyance.
  • Midnight Wisp – A superheroine who is the “Fastest girl in Fairfax.”
  • Strato-Girl: Mistress of the Wind – A superheroine that can control winds.
  • Goldgirl – A superheroine that has flight & generation of “gold” constructs. Partner of Goldman.
  • Alchemiss – A superheroine that with command of the Earth’s four ancient elements.
  • Dimension Girl – A superheroine who is able to generate other-dimensional portals.
  • Stellar – A superheroine able to control the air.
  • Ultra Girl – A gorgeous superheroine with super-strength.
  • Starlet – Another superheroine with super-strength and the ability to “know a target’s weakest point”.
  • Cardinal – A telekinetic superheroine.
  • Ani-Woman – A superheroine that is able to bring inanimate objects to life under her control.
  • Thumbelina – A tiny superheroine with full-sized strength.
  • Tiara Star – A superheroine, no other description given.
  • Matter Girl – A superheroine, no other description given.
  • Echo – A superheroine with energy-repelling powers.
  • Ariel – A flying superheroine with energy powers.
  • Black – A superheroine who emitted a beam of black energy that was harmless until it crossed a similar beam from her partner, White.
  • Weather Witch – A superheroine who controls the weather.
  • Emerald Tiger – A superheroine with enhanced speed & strength.
  • Rainbeaux: Mistress of Color – A superheroine that projects different colored beams, each with a different power.
  • Hummingbird – A superheroine who could fly and move her wings at super-speed.
  • Hydra: Goddess of the Sea – A superheroine that can control water.
  • Hyptella – A superheroine who is the Mistress of Hypnotism. Unlike Vicki’s previous hypnotism-based identity, Hyptella could fly.
  • Sonik – A superheroine that can control sound.
  • Puma the She-Cat – A superheroine with super-agility.
  • Sulphur – A superheroine that can generate a cloud of sulphur. She couldn’t fly and actually oozed sulphuric acid out of her feet.
  • Sparrowhawk – A superheroine with wings.
  • Kismet: Mistress of Mind Wave – A superheroine who possessed clairvoyance.
  • Plant Mistress – A superheroine able to control any plant that grows.
  • Sea Mist – A superheroine able to create watery vapors.
  • Harp – A superheroine with winged flight and a magical harp that calmed targets.
  • Pixie – A tiny superheroine with magical “fairy dust”.
  • Snowfall – A superheroine with ice powers.
  • Glass Lass – A crystalline superheroine with “glass” skin and power to amplify light into laser beams.
  • Unicorn – A superheroine whose horn healed with a touch.
  • Queen of Hearts – An emotion-controlling superheroine.
  • Blue Biker – A superheroine that drove a high-powered bicycle, but had no powers whatsoever. She pretended to be Unicorn to testify in a court case.
  • Weaver – A superheroine who could weave webs into different shapes.
  • Frosty – A superheroine whose eyes had white irises and blue sclera. Her icy gaze could shatter any substance at will. The original creation (which never made it to the printed page) also included telepathic powers and the ability to teleport short distances. Frosty was created by Ann-Marie Roy (née Leslie) from Scotland.
  • Tempest – The ‘hair’ on her head transformed into various kinds of weather phenomena.
  • Starburst – A superheroine with flight and energy blast powers.
  • Spinning Jenny – A superheroine that could fly and spin at super-speed, so fast that she could even travel through time.
  • Scylla – A superheroine that had mechanical serpent heads with laser eyes attached to her sides.
  • Sphera – A superheroine who could create spheres of any material for a variety of effects.
  • Blazerina – A superheroine who could dance and spin to build up a powerful blast of laser energy.
  • Thundera – A superheroine with thunderous shout and destructive eye-beams.
  • Monarch – A superheroine who could fly with large butterfly-like wings.
  • Miss Hourglass – A superheroine with the ability to control time.
  • Sirocco the Desert Wind –
  • Infra-Violet –
  • Gossamer – A flying superheroine who could weave cocoons.
  • Fan –
  • Visionary – A superheroine who could see several seconds into the future.
  • Spyglass –
  • Psi-Clone – A superheroine with psychic powers and the ability to create duplicates of people.
  • Rock – A fun-loving superheroine with super-strength.
  • Genesis –
  • Ms. Muscle –
  • Lavender Skywriter – A superheroine who could cause objects to appear by skywriting their names with purple mist.
  • Turnabout –
  • Raggedy Doll – A living rag doll with no ability to move at all, let alone any powers. Partner of “Fuzzball”
  • Venus the Flying Trap –
  • “Fish-Girl” (villainess) –
  • “Fire Girl” (villainess) –
  • “Water Girl” (villainess) –
  • “Diamond Girl” (villainess) –
  • “Electrical Girl” (villainess) –
  • “Machinery Girl” (villainess) –
  • Harpy (villainess) –
  • Volcano Girl (villainess) –
  • Sister Scissor-Limbs – A villainess with sharp shears for arms that could cut through most materials.
  • Cobress (villainess) – Reptilian villainess with hypnotic gaze.

Thomas Banker / Dial Man

  • Kinovicher –
  • Jollo –
  • Mangastanga –

Lori Morning (in Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 4)

  • Fireball – A flying pyrokinetic who could animate & control “living fireballs.”
  • Slipstream – A flying super-speedster.
  • Dyna-Soar –
  • Chiller – A female superhero with ice-controlling.
  • Ink – A female superhero who fired sticky “ink” to ensnare enemies.
  • Galaxy Girl – A super-child with high-end cosmic powers, including a “cosmic hammer.”
  • Blip – A teleporting superheroine.
  • Plasma – A superheroine with energy-based powers.
  • Helios –

Travers Milton

  • Star – A superhero with powers similar to Superman.

Jerry Feldon (in H.E.R.O.)

  • Afterburner – A superhero who could fly and had super-strength, but not invulnerability.[15][16]
  • Jumper – A superhero who could jump very high.[16]
  • Winged Victory – A superhero who could fly.[16]
  • Demolisher – [16]
  • Powerhouse – [16][17]

Matt Allen (in H.E.R.O.)

  • The Protector –

Andrea Allen (in H.E.R.O.)

  • Nocturna –
  • Illusia –

Captain Chaos (in H.E.R.O.)

  • Cloud – The superhero form of Mark.
  • Howitzer – The superhero form of Mark.
  • Fusion – The superhero form of Jay.
  • Photon – The superhero form of Galen.
  • Ingot – The superhero form of Galen.
  • Tidal Wave – The superhero form of Galen.
  • Captain Noir – The superhero form of Craig.
  • Blink – The superhero form of Craig.

Tony Finch (in H.E.R.O.)

  • Slider –
  • Stretcher –

Joe Walker (in H.E.R.O.)

  • Shocking Suzi –

Nelson Jent (in Dial H)

  • Boy Chimney – A skeletal gentleman with superhuman reflexes and flexibility, poison gas, smoke manipulation, brick-hard skin, smoke-based clairvoyance, and the ability to travel on chimney smoke.
  • Captain Lachrymose – An “emo” who draws amazing physical strength from people’s most traumatic memories, forcing them to experience an emotional breakdown.
  • Skeet – A superhero resembling a red shotgun skeet/clay-pigeon. Can reassemble himself upon explosion.
  • Control-Alt-Delete – A computer-themed superhero who is able to “reboot” recent events.
  • The Iron Snail – A military commando equipped with massive shell-like power armor with treads, firearms which launch noxious substances, and a ferrocochlean sense.
  • The Human Virus – Powers never shown.
  • Shamanticore – A superhero that resembles a humanoid manticore shaman with a staff. Powers never shown.
  • Pelican Army – Powers never shown, but he was accompanied by a huge flock of pelicans.
  • Double Bluff – Powers never shown.
  • Hole Punch – A muscular, three-armed superhero with unknown powers.
  • The Rancid Ninja – Never shown, but Nelson stated that he wishes he could forget becoming him.
  • Baroness Resin – Nelson Junt’s first female superhero form.

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